Water Supply and Sewerage and Treatment Plants

Regional depot for non-hazardous waste - town of Pernik

The project is funded by: OP "Environment 2007 - 2013", republican and municipal budget
Budget: 9 637 885 BGN
Start date: 14 May 2013
End date: 18 Oct 2015
Employer: Pernik Municipality

Project: Construction of system for waste management in the region of Pernik,

Site: "Construction of depot of non-hazardous waste – region of Pernik"

The project incorporates the construction of the first cell, out of four, reception area, site communication and technical infrastructure. The construction of modern depot that meets the requirement of environmental protection and will help the achievement of ecological equilibrium in the region is provided.

The depot is equipped with special drainage system for infiltrate that will be carried to the waste waters treatment plant. The construction of gas collection system for the bio-gas produced in the filling process and its final recultivation is provided. The surface insulation system of the depot consist of the following elements: layer for gas drainage; impermeable layer (compacted clay layer + geosyntetics); drainage system and recultivation layer. In order to avoid the pollution of surface waters during the operation of the depot and to avoid possible malfunction of the depot itself, the surface waters will be drained and rerouted outside the depot through surface waters channels.

It is provided for the reception area to be equipped with biological treatment facility for domestic waste waters. The regional depot will service the municipalities of Pernik, Radomir, Breznik, Zemen, Kovachevtsi and Tran and will accept 46,000 t wastes per year.  The value of the project is 21,467,427.26 BGN.