Romanian painter Otinjac Sorin received Trace Award during the Balkan Quadrennial of Painting "Myths and Legends of My People"

13 Jan 2021

“Trace for People” Foundation supported the fifth Balkan Quadrennial of Painting "Myths and Legends of My People", Stara Zagora. In the competition took part 329 works by 198 authors. After the jury selection 140 works by 118 authors were presented in the exhibition hall of the Art Gallery in Stara Zagora.

Romanian painter Otinjac Sorin from Iasi received Trace Award. The artist participated in the quadrennial with his work "Mythical Animals" (mixed work, fiberboard, 100 x 100 cm). According to the rules of the competition, the canvas remains in the fund of the gallery in Stara Zagora.

“Trace Group Hold” Plc has been supporting the Balkan Quadrennial since its first edition, held in 2004 until today. The painting "God bless the children of Adam and Eve" by Sevda Poturlyan received Trace Award in 2004. During the second edition of the Quadrinal in 2008 Trace Award was presented for the painting "Myth" by Ukrainian artist Roman Romanyshyn. At the third event in 2012 the award of “Trace Group Hold” was given to the artist Stoyan Kutsev. All these works remain a property of the Gallery in Stara Zagora.

The history of the Balkan peoples has always been an organic part of the human civilization history. Their millennial presence in these crossroad lands has many dimensions. The most fabulous among them are the myths and legends carried over time, where pain and beliefs, suffering and dreams, imagination and passions intertwine. Different and often surprisingly close, together they carry the spirit of the person, tribe, community, ethnic group, people, nation. Their reproduction for centuries has been associated with the work of artists. The Balkan Quadrennial "Myths and Legends of My People" has been dedicated to show their place in the art of our contemporaries. The Quadrennial invitation has been addressed to all artists who seek the visible image of the myths of their people.

The organizers of the Quadrinale are as follows: Municipality of Stara Zagora, City Art Gallery of Stara Zagora, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and Union of Bulgarian Artists. The quadrilateral is taking place under the patronage of the Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality.

The winner of the Grand Prize of the Fifth Balkan Quadrennial of Painting "Myths and Legends of My People" is Nadezhda Kuteva for her work "The Last Judgment".