Serbian President Aleksander Vucic congratulated Trace construction team, who first laid asphalt in Grdelica gorge

22 Aug 2017

"Trace Group Hold" Plc team first laid an asphalt in Grdelica gorge in Republic of Serbia. "Good start," said Boyan Delchev, CEO of the company. He, together with Project Manager Dipl. Eng. Stoyko Meshkov, Bulgarian and Serbian engineers and builders welcomed the President of Serbia Aleksander Vucic and Serbian Minister of Regional Development Ms. Zorana Mihajlovic. The CEO of the “Koridori Srbije”d.o.o Mr. Zoran Babic, the Employer of the construction work, presented the technical parameters of the project and said: "We are very pleased with Trace's work. 60% of the activities are implemented; the weekly implementation is on schedule. If everyone worked so hard, we would have no problems”.  The Serbian president congratulated workers on the construction site, monitored the asphalt process and thanked the team who worked without interruption, despite the high temperatures. Dipl. Eng. Stoyko Meshkov informed guests that by the end of the week the last 30 beams of the bridge facilities will be installed. Waterproofing and asphalting are forthcoming. The next asphalt section is being prepared and embankments, drainage, pavements are completed

The construction of E75 highway section in the South Morava River valley in Gardelitsa - Tsaricina Valley, LOT 2 is interesting from an engineering point of view and is a real challenge: the direct route of the future highway goes in a highly rugged mountainous terrain, in the valley of the river, alongside an electrified single-track railway and a two-lane main road E75.

Highway section video is available here.