The team of “Trace Group Hold” Plc planted 50 oak saplings in “Hipodruma” Park in Sofia

27 Oct 2021

The team of “Trace Group Hold” Plc held an action for planting 50 oak saplings, which is part of the events that mark 25 years since the establishment of the company. The Chairman of the Management Board of Trace, Ms. Dessislava Lubenova commented on the choice to plant an oak forest: “Apart from the fact that the oak carries a significant strength, it is part of our philosophy of living. The oak is a sacred tree for the Bulgarians (the Christmas tree, which burns on Christmas Eve, is always an oak tree; on St. Ignatius' Day the attendant enters the house with an oak stick; the oak is the only tree that can replace the temple. In addition, oak is resistant to urban conditions (polluted air and soil salinity); at a young age it grows slowly, but at the age of ten its growth intensifies; it lives 400-500 years. We hope that all the saplings will start growing and make the visitors of the park happy ", said Ms. Lubenova.

This is not the first "green" cause of Trace's team. Two years ago on Palm Sunday, a team of Trace volunteers participated in an action in the New Forest of Sofia. In the city of Stara Zagora our team joined the initiative "Stara Zagora the greenest city in Bulgaria".

Preserving the genetic fund of the summer oak is a priority for Europe. Every tree, planted with care and attention, preserves the balance between nature and man for future generations.