Trace donated a new home to a Bulgarian family lost their house after train crash explosion

27 Nov 2018

On December 10, 2016, in the village of Hitrino (Northwest Bulgaria) a freight train derailed and followed a powerful explosion killing seven people, leaving 29 injured and destroying the homes of dozens of people. Two years later, on November 26, 2018, the owners of a total of 23 newly built houses were officially given the keys of their dwellings by the mayor of the village Nuridin Ismail. Ten of the houses were donated by construction companies.

One of them, owned by Todor Iliev, was builtfor free by Trace Group Hold PLC. Todor says that after the tragedy, his first thought was that the house is irretrievably lost. "But it turned out that there are good people after all! They landed a hand and thanks to them our house was built again!". Now, Todor's kin will welcome the upcoming holidays in their new home constructed by Trace.

Todor is grateful that his family gave no victims in the explosion. He is still surprised that his house is amongst the first homes rebuilt and finished. In September 2017, the old house was demolished and the foundations of the new one were poured. The rough construction ran fast, and as early as October, Trace team started works on the roof of the building. Throughout the process, the owner actively participated and assisted the builders. Todor Iliev also met with Engineer Mitko Berberov, Head of the Analysis and Technical Proposal section in Trace, and they both discussed the project. In March 2018, six months after the start of the construction, the family dwelling was finished. It has a built-up area of ​​88.39 sq.m. The certificate for entering into operation of the building is dated on April 2, 2018.

"It all happened very quickly," said Todor Iliev and heartly thanked for the donation. We wish him and his family to live healthy and joyfully in the house. Since the last spring the dwelling already hosted back his mother which spent the last two winters in one of the wagons for temporary accommodation provided to the victims for temporary use. The elderly woman is already happy, and Todor and his family are graduallybringingback the house and its yard to life.

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