TRACE had purchased a second large construction enterprise in Serbia

2 Feb 2015

 “Trace Group Hold” PLC through its subsidiary “Trace PZP Nis” PLC acquired a second road construction company – PZP Vranje, located in the territory of Republic of Serbia.

The changes in the legal status of the PZP - Vranje were registered at the Registry Agency on 29.01.2015. The new company’s name is “Trace PZP Vranje” D.O.O. Vranje. The owner of the capital of "Trace PZP Vranje" D.O.O. is “Trace PZP Nis” PLC.

Main assets of the acquired company include three asphalt mixing plants, two concrete centers, over 100 units of  road construction and transport equipment, technical and production facilities, office buildings. The company possesses technical bases in Vranje and Leskovac and production bases in all adjacent municipalities. The administrative offices of the company are located in Vranje and Leskovac.

“Trace PZP Vranje” D.O.O. is a leading company in the construction industry of Serbia, which in the recent past years has executed sections of large Pan-European corridors passing through Serbia. Currently, the company maintains over 1300 km of road network and operates in the territory of 13 municipalities. In "Trace PZP Vranje" D.O.O. are engaged 250 employees.