Trace signed a construction contract for a section of Sofia Underground with value of more than 95 million BGN

21 Feb 2017

On February 20th 2017 “Gorna Banya” Consortium with “Trace Group Hold” Plc as a leading partner signed a contract for the construction of an underground section with a length of 4771,44 m and two underground metro stations from Sofia underground, Second Lot from km 14 + 277, 56 to km 15 + 749,00 under the "Underground extension project in Sofia; Third metro line, "Botevgradsko shose" Blvd. - "Vladimir Vazov" Blvd. - Central city part - "Ovcha Kupel" residential area - Second stage – Section from km 11 + 966,34 / 11 + 941,33 / to km 15 + 749,00 with 4 underground metro stations.

The Employer is Metropolitan EAD. The value of the contract amounts to BGN 95 135 577.00 excluding VAT. Funding is provided with funds from the European Regional Development Fund, OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020 and local co-financing. The implementation period is within 32 months.

The contract provides the design, construction and putting into operation of several underground metro stations, two underground tunnels with lengths of 585, 25 m and 532,48 m respectively and two underground metro stations - MS17 and MS18, with lengths of 113.56 m and 198.15 m. The tunnels will be implemented under New Austrian Tunneling Method. A new platform will be built on railway stop on Sofia – Pernik line, connected to MS18 with two entrances, as well as pedestrian underpass. Alongside the new platform, a new pedestrian underpass (total length 35.52 m and width 4 m) will be built, linking by underground manner MS18 with the existing underpass. All engineering networks affected by the construction will be rebuilt, the affected road lanes will be restored and vertical planning, landscaping and urbanization will be carried out.

The Contractor is "Gorna banya" Consortium with partners “Trace Group Hold” Plc, “Integrated Building Systems” EOOD, “Euro Alliance Tunnels” AD, “Marmet” Ltd and Eng. Georgi Ivanov Evstatiev.

Over the past 10 years, “Trace Group Hold” Plc has built several sections of Sofia Underground. At present our company performs two sections of the First Stage of Third Metro Line on the Underground Extension Project in Sofia, “Vladimir Vazov” Blvd. - "Ovcha Kupel" residential area, from km 4 + 32 to km 6 + 561,05 with three underground metro stations having total value of BGN 105 406 393.