For shareholders

Stock Exchange Information

  • Name: "Trace Group Hold" PLC
  • Seat: 1408 Sofia, 12 "Nikola Obrazopisov" Street
  • Stock Exchange: Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia JSC
  • Stock Exchange Code: T57
  • ISIN: Code BG1100049078
  • Currency: BGN
  • Financial Instruments: The shares of "Trace Group Hold" PLC are ordinary (non-preferential) shares, which means that they give equal rights. Each share gives the right to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders, to a dividend in profit distribution, and  liquidating dividend. The capital of "Trace Group Hold" PLC is distrbitued in 24,200,000 dematerialized registered shares with the right to vote with nominal value of 1 BGN each.
  • Date of Initial Public Offering: October 25, 2007
  • Nominal value: 1 BGN
  • Registered capital on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange:  BGN 24,200,000

More information about the shares of "Trace Group Hold" PLC and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange can be found on the website of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Click here.