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Third stage of the reconstruction of "Vitosha" boulevard

The project is funded by: Sofia Municipality
Budget: 1,5 million BGN
Start date: 16 Mar 2015
End date: 15 Jul 2015
Employer: Sofia Municipality

Implementation of CIW as per project "Vitosha" Boulevard – architectural and development of the public area of the pedestrian zone from "Patriarh Evtimii" Blvd. to "Alabin" Str., stage III: from "Solunska" Str. to "Alabin" Str.

The current site is the third stage of the repair operations of "Vitosha" Blvd., which includes the section from "Solunska" Str. to "Alabin" Str. with total area of 7,150 sq.m. With its completion, the entire reconstruction of the boulevard in pedestrian area is finished.

The current project provides to form two zones with close appearance from "Solunska" Str. to "Alabin" Str. The two parts will be treated with similar pavement materials, similar principles for planting and landscape architecture, similar (in terms of design and materials) details of the street lighting and small forms of the urban furnishing. The pavement will be in warm autumn tones of red, ocher, Neapolitan yellow and brown. The main difference is related to the cross profile of the boulevard. In the area from "Solunska" Str. to "Alabin", the pedestrian area will be laid out centrally in relation of the pedestrian esplanade. The profile of the pedestrian zone is formed by two equivalent "sidewalks", from the western and eastern part, along the buildings' facades and the central area which would be used for servicing and emergency transport, with limited mode.

The installation of rails and rail car is provided close to "Solunska" Str., where the cafe "Old Tram" will be located. It is going to be an old tram car, which is going to serve as an attraction and a reminder of the time when the street was not a walking area.

The vintage elements of the urban furnishing which currently are used in the decoration of "Vitosha" Blvd. find their place in the future renovated area of the boulevard. There are going to be street lights and benches in the style of old Sofia, masonry pots with flowers and places for relaxation. The big number of plants will complete the cozy atmosphere. It is provided to keep the healthy trees and replacement of all dead and sick trees. There are going to be 12 flower modules, combined with places for relax. The project also provides locations for sculptures and plastics, which can make the zone an open-air gallery. New rain collectors will be constructed.

The project for the boulevard's reconstruction is prepared by a team with a leading designers arch. Todor Bulev, arch. Anton Vatev of "K2" company, specialists from ME "Sofproekt OUP" and OP "Sofia Proekt".

"Vitosha" Boulevard  - the video can be watched here.