Railway Infrastructure

Modernization of the railway line, catenary, signalling and telecommunication systems in Plovdiv Station and construction of a communication and transport breakthrough under the railway area of Plovdiv station

The project is funded by: Connecting Europe Facility
Budget: 89 028 245,95 BGN without VAT
Start date: 06 Apr 2020
Employer: National Company “Railway Infrastructure”
Contractor: DZZD „Project Plovdiv

The modernization of the railway line, catenary, signalling and telecommunications systems in Plovdiv railway station and Communication and Transport Breakthrough under the railway area of ​​Plovdiv station is part of Project: “Development of Plovdiv railway junction”.

The project’s funding comes from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), “Transport” sector. Its total value is BGN 89 028 245,95 without VAT, as BGN 67 892 868,55 without VAT are provided under the CEF, and the rest part is given by the national co-financing and additional financial resources from the state budget, respectively 11 981 094,45 and BGN 9 154 282,95 excluding VAT.

The contracting authority of the European Commission for the project is the Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment (CINEA), and the controlling body is the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The project scope includes design and execution of the following construction and installation works:

• modernization of the railway line;

• construction of a communication and transport breakthrough under the railway area of ​​Plovdiv railway station, covering parts of: “Vasil Aprilov” Blvd., roundabout, railway station square, the area of ​​the central railway station, railway tracks, “Rodopi” bus station, “Kukush” Str., “Dimitar Talev” Str.;

• construction of a new catenary, new drainages and drainage systems;

• modernization of signalling and telecommunication systems;

• installation of new platform pavement on all platforms within the railway station, construction of new and replacement of the existing platform pavement with new modern lightweight structures and provision of access for individuals with reduced mobility;

• construction of pedestrian crossings on two levels (footbridges) to ensure the passage of pedestrians and providing access for individuals with reduced mobility;

• construction of sewerage and ventilation systems, lighting and video surveillance;

• construction of a warm waiting room for passengers on the 4th platform;

• an elevator, which will provide access from the pedestrian underpass to the 4th platform;

• installation of noise protection equipment and safety fences in the area of ​​Plovdiv station.


The project realization shall increase the quality and efficiency of the railway transport - safety, comfort and trouble-free travel. It is expected to achieve full interoperability with Trans-European Railway Network by:

• modernization of the existing railway infrastructure, according to EU standards and European transport policies;

• increasing the capacity of Plovdiv railway station, including to increase the speed of trains possibility;

• improving the transport system quality and reducing the costs for railway infrastructure maintenance;

• construction of a key transport-communication connection, which will connect the central part of Plovdiv with the southern districts; this will significantly alleviate car traffic and change the city image.



DZZD “Plovdiv Railway”