Sports and Recreation Facilities

Public development and improvement of the physical environment in a residential district in Lovech, Bulgaria

The project is funded by: Operational programme “Regional development” 2007 - 2013
Budget: 3 231 211.44 BGN
Start date: 04 Aug 2014
End date: 27 Oct 2015
Employer: Lovech Municipality
Contractor: Trace Group Hold PLC

"Infrastroy" Ltd. - a subsidiary, part of Trace group structure, performed public development and improvement project of the physical environment in a residential district in Lovech Municipality. This is one of the few projects in Bulgaria related to comprehensive and integrated public development throughout entire neighborhood. The architectural design was prepared by "Ingproject" Ltd. – the design company of Trace. The designers made new landscaping throughout the complex and have changed completely the sidewalks levels. An important point in the design is the creation of a lane network for recreational traffic, providing peaceful and safe connection of residential buildings with places for recreation.

Project builders provided five children playgrounds, two sites for outdoor gym, badminton court, playground for table tennis. The Park lighting is modernized and energy saving, for the first time in Lovech it is established an automated irrigation system as well as unified for the neighborhood elements of urban furniture (arbours, benches and drinking fountains). There are planted trees and bushes, all areas are grassed. Lovers of cycling sports for the first time in the city have the opportunity to move freely in bicycle alley roads.