Water Supply and Sewerage and Treatment Plants

Reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage network in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Budget: 21 954 334,50 BGN without VAT
Employer: “Stara Zagora Water supply and sewerage” Ltd, Stara Zagora
Contractor: “Trace Group Hold” Plc

“Trace Group Hold” Plc as a leading partner in a Company under the Law on Obligations and Contracts “Stara Zagora Water supply and sewerage” has signed a contract for project execution about Engineering (Design, supervision and construction) – Reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage network of Stara Zagora, Lot 2 – northern part.

The project scope covers:

- new main sewer collector:

- rain collector;

-secondary sewerage network, as well as reconstruction of sections with insufficient conductivity;

-rehabilitation of a concrete rectangular collector.

The total length of the sewerage network envisaged for reconstruction works is 10 km.

The project investment is going to be included in the reconstruction of 10 km sewerage network and 30 km water supply network, divided into separate zones. In this way it will be possible to accurately monitor the flow, the amount of supplied and used water, as well as to regulate its pressure.

After project implementation water losses are expected to reduce by about 15%, as well as to increase the efficiency of wastewater collection.