A project of TRACE awarded I-st prize in Building of the Year '2019 national contest

12 Dec 2019

Trace Group Hold won the first award for urban transport infrastructure, category "Projects Related to Urban Development", for the implementation of the reconstruction project of the overpass over the railway line and Slavyanski Blvd., in the city of Stara Zagora. The award was given within Building of the Year contest - the most prestigious Bulgarian construction and architecture competition, at a solemn ceremony n December 10th 2019. Upon receiving the prize statuette Eng. Boyan Delchev, CEO of Trace Group Hold PLC, thanked the jury, the investor - Stara Zagora Municipality, and all the participants in the project. When a builder, a contractor and a designer work well all together, projects happen with quality and in right terms, he said. The facility was completed ahead of schedule by Trace teams and put into operation in February 2019.

Awards for the same project received Stara Zagora Municipality - the contracting authority, and the designer - Eng. Kalin Kalchev. The municipality of Stara Zagora received also a prize for an overall contribution to the urban environment. The representative of the city municipality, Eng. Kaloyanov, emphasized the significance of the infrastructure project.

It resulted of key importance for the town because of the heavy traffic around the overpass and the transport difficulties during peak hours of the day. The section is the shortest transport link between the central city part of Stara Zagora and the industrial zone of the city being also an entrance towards the biggest motorway in Sothern Bulgaria - Trakia Highway and some of the highly used passes of Stara Planina mountain. The project manager is eng. Iliya Nedev. One of the engineering challenges was the passage of all major urban communications - telecommunications, fiber optic, gas pipeline, etc., through the project area. Trace successfully cooperated with structural and engineering difficulties and precisely synchronized its work with Bulgarian State Railways, thus no communication traffic was stopped during the construction activities.

Watch a short video of the process of construction and installation of the pre-stressed steel-concrete beams on the overpass, each one with a length of 40 m and a weight of 40 tons.

The Building of the Year national competition was held for the eighteenth consecutive year under the auspices of the City Media Group organization. The competition aims to distinguish the best achievements in the implementation of contemporary projects in Bulgaria. Trace Group's portfolio also features another statuette from a previous edition of the contest. In 2009 the company received the prestigious award for Stara Zagora Regional Museum of History building, in the category "Special Purposes Building". It was the first building in Bulgaria since 1989 purposely built for a museum.

Here it is a video of the ceremony prizes awarding. Read more information about the project in our website.