TRACE began construction of an integrated water project in Stara Zagora

13 Jun 2013

On 6/11/2013, the United "WATER PROJECT Stara Zagora," leading partner "Trace Group Hold" PLC, signed a contract with the Municipality of Stara Zagora to perform construction works on "Integrated Water Project in Stara Zagora." Signatures to put the contract mayor of Stara Zagora Zhivko Todorov and CEO of "Trace Group Hold" PLC Tsvetan Conev.

We are extremely chest to make signatures for this project, said Mr. Conev when signing the contract. Aware of its importance to the population, so we will do everything in its quality completion deadline. Deadlines for completion are short, so the work is distributed on several sites with teams of 700 people, said Conev.

The project is worth 32 354 245.82 lev, with funding from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria, through the Operational Programme "Environment" 2007-2013 implementation period was on 09/30/2014

Partners in the alliance "WATER PROJECT Stara Zagora" are "Trace Group Hold" PLC - a leading partner, "PSI" AD Vodstroj 98 AD INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS LTD.

The project is planned to be constructed Chief Collector I and gutter in Stara Zagora, sewerage district "Nikola Ganchev - West" and street sewerage district "APC" and domestic sewage of the village Bogomilovo - II and III stage.

Over the past few years, "Trace Group Hold" PLC fulfill several water projects - Reconstruction of water supply in the city of Stara Zagora - LOT 8 Construction of sewers in "K. Ganchev "- II stage / eastern / Stara Zagora Water project for Sofia - Phase II, engineering water treatment plant in the town, rehabilitation and modernization of water supply system in the village of Strawberry, Stara Zagora - Lot 7.