Trace Group with the "Most Generous Donor" Award in the "Largest Corporate Donor 2018" Competition

22 Nov 2019

Trace Group Hold received “The Most Generous Donor” award in the "Largest Corporate Donor - 2018" Contest at an official ceremony full of good vibes and recognition (November 21st 2019). In the fourteenth edition of the competition Trace Group Hold is the winner in the category that indicates the volume of donations calculated as percent of the company’s profit before taxes. 

During the event hosted by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, the Bulgarian Donor Forum (BDF) presented the awards to the largest corporate donors in Bulgaria. BDF traditionally promotes philanthropy and responsible donation. The competition gives recognition to sustainable companies transparently supporting significant social activities and campaigns. 

Prof. Nikolay Mihaylov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trace, who received the prized, thanked the organizers and shared the following: “When we created the Trace for People Foundation, we had no intention of talking about it. We will continue to support the sustainable development of the Bulgarian education, culture, sports and, above all, Bulgarian faith." 

BDF traditionally promotes philanthropy and responsible donation. The competition gives recognition to sustainable and transparent companies supporting significant social activities and campaigns. The awards are in several categories - quantitative (according to the invested financial and non-financial resources, as well as voluntary work), qualitative (according to the qualities of the programs of business in support of society) and for the most successful partnership between a company and a civil organization. The applications in the quantitative categories are verified by Deloitte Bulgaria, and those in the qualitative categories are evaluated by a jury with the participation of experts from prestigious NGOs and the media.

In 2018 the Trace for People Foundation supported a variety of public causes in culture, art, historical heritage, science, education, sports, amongst them a concert of Lisa Gerrard and Yordan Kamdzhalov with Genesis Orchestra, theatrical furor plays, festival of traditional masquerade games in Pernik, distinguished students, basketball, volleyball, wrestling clubs and many more. For Trace, donation is a value that is an integral part of the company's corporate culture.

In his speech, President Rumen Radev identified science and education as the most sustainable and promising donor initiative for a society. According to him, we need educated people, because they are difficult to manipulate, think critically, look for issues in society and the best ways for solving them.