"TRACE ROADS" PLC merged into "TRACE Sofia"

28 May 2013

On 22/05/2013, in the Commercial Register in the case of "Trace Sofia" was recorded the following changes:

General Meeting of Shareholders approves singer and transformation through a merger of "TRACE RHOADS" EAD "TRACE Sofia". Conversion shall take effect from the date of registration in the Registry Agency - 05.22.2013, as a result of the merger:

- The recipient company "TRACE Sofia" continues to operate under the legal form of a limited company.

- The latter shall "TRACE RHOADS" EAD cease to exist as a separate entity without performing liquidation;

- The recipient company "TRACE Sofia" under the law is the universal successor of all the assets of "TRACE RHOADS" EAD and all assets and liabilities of "TRACE RHOADS" EAD pass on "TRACE - Sofia".

In connection with the merger increases the capital of "TRACE - Sofia" from 53 500 to 55 100 lev lev by issuing 16 / sixteen / new shares, each worth 100 lev.

In order to protect the interests of shareholders and keeping the ratio of their shares in the assets of the receiving and transforming companies before the merger, the equity ratio of the host and the transforming company after the merger is as follows:

- "PSI" JSC UIC 833175762 has respectively 500 / five / ordinary bearer shares with a par value of 100 / one hundred / lev.

- "Trace Group Hold" PLC, UIC 123682269 possess respectively 51 / fifty-one / ordinary bearer shares with a par value of 100 / one hundred / lev.