Trace signed a contract for design and construction for the next in row lot in Third metro line in Sofia

22 Oct 2021

On 21.10.2021 “Trace Group Hold” Plc signed a contract for implementation of a project with subject: Design and construction of an extension of the metro in Sofia, Line 3, Stage III – a section under Vladimir Vazov Blvd. 4 + 340,00 to km. 1 + 280,00 with three metro stations separated by lots, Second lot - Design and construction of a metro section from km 3 + 645,00 to km 2 + 581,20 with one underground metro station / MS 3 / and inter-station ventilation system. The value for the contract activities implementation is BGN 75 081 394,50 without VAT with a term of implementation within 39 months. METROPOLITAN EAD is the employer of the public procurement. The financing is provided by Operational Program "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" - Project for extension of the metro in Sofia - Stage III and local co-financing.