Trace team planting trees in the “New Forest of Sofia”

24 Apr 2019

The Palm Sunday of 2019, April 21, will remain in the heart of every volunteer who responded to Trace Group Hold invitation to participate in the planting of small acacia trees in the so called “New Forest of Sofia”. In the sunny morning, the foresters greeted with a smile and a spade all the people that came to the New Forest. Sofia Municipality allocated 225 decares in Suhodol district to create the forest. The aim of the campaign is to plant over 120,000 new trees of deciduous species like Lime Tree, Acacia and Austrian Oak within three afforestation seasons. Trees are those natural wizards that transform CO2 into oxygen and revive the devastated land.

Trace team was composed by children and adults - from two to sixty years old. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, relatives and friends worked enthusiastically, diligently and without rest. The lesson of afforestation to be learned by the children was trusted to the forest engineer Georgi for the small browses, the hole should be 25 cm, the small acacias should be taken one by one, because they quickly dry.

Furthermore, the lesson to awaken environmental consciousness and the necessity of nature conservation was taught by parents to children. Everyone understood that with his own hands he could plant not one but dozens of trees and wished to check the outcome of his labor after a year. And when the forest grows up, birds, reptiles and insects will return, and in the hearts will live the memory and the joy of what was done.

Traditionally, Palm Sunday is a day associated with the new beginning, growth and flourishing. One of the most beloved spring Christian holidays has deep symbolism. And ... what a brighter way to express respect to nature than planting a tree! At the end we said "cheers!" wishing ourselves new green achievements.

We thank all our volunteers and their families for the time and the enthusiasm they gave in order to enlarge the New Forest of Sofia! We hope the autumn will meet us with the opportunity to participate in the planting of an oak forest.