Sports and Recreation Facilities

Construction of seaside alley in Tsarevo

Budget: 695 323,29 EURO
Start date: 02 Feb 2015
End date: 15 May 2015
Employer: Tsarevo Municipality
Contractor: "Trace-Burgas" JSC

Project: Construction of panoramic seaside alley of town of Tsarevo

The purpose of the project is to connect the old with the new town in the bay of the port. The construction is going to be realized as per two projects with different funding sources. The construction of this pedestrian and bicycle lane is part of a bigger project that is targeted at the connection of the coastline of Lozenets to Tsarevo.

  • The first project covers the reconstruction of the panoramic seaside alley from the bridge of Cherna River to the approach to the road of Vasiliko living area. The funding of the reconstruction is provided by the program for trans border cooperation Bulgaria – Turkey. The project "Meeting of the see and nature with tourism" is performed with the partnership of the "Union for provision of services to the villages" of the Municipal authorities of the town of Lüleburgaz, Turkey. Its value is 395,323 EURO for both partners and is funded 100% by the program. The budget for the Municipality of Tsarevo is 197,256 EURO. The alley will provide access to that beautiful place and will establish attractive, modern and safe seaside area, where the opportunities for relaxation and entertainment will combine and this will be accompanied by a beautiful sight to the see, port, church and the old town of Vasiliko. The length of the alley is 250 m and lighting fixtures divide it two areas. One of the areas is provided to be bicycle lane, with width of 2 m and it will have asphalt pavement. The second area is for pedestrians, with width of 3,40 m and will be made of stamped concrete. Towards the sea, there are going to be 10 benches with backrests with length of 3 m (reinforced concrete elements, covered with wooden boards. The approaches towards the alley are taking in consideration the requirements for accessible environment. There is going to be sigh-seeing telescope installed at the alley as an additional attraction for the inhabitants and visitors of the town.
  • Second project is for the construction of "Pedestrian and bicycle lane – south shore, port bay of town of Tsarevo" and is realized by the Strategy for development of "Local initiative fishing group Primorsko – Sozopol – Tsarevo". It provides the reconstruction of the remaining part of the seaside alley, starting from the asphalt road between the old and new town up to the first houses of Vasiliko living area. Pavements, benches, trash bins and lighting fixtures will be installed. Electrical and water supply and sewage system will be constructed. The value of the second project is 300 thousand EURO and is funded 100% by the strategy.

The contractor for the two projects is "Trace-Burgas" JSC.