Sports and Recreation Facilities

Construction of skate park, Burgas

The project is funded by: OP "Regional Development" 2007 -2013
Budget: 538 150 BGN
Start date: 12 Dec 2014
End date: 30 Jun 2015
Employer: Burgas Municipality
Contractor: "Trace Burgas" JSC

Project: "Implementation of CIW on additional sites of the project "Integrated project for renovation of significant spaces in town of Burgas,

Specified position 2: "Public works and park works, skating park, regional park Izgrev"

The skate park is a closed system, consisting of curves with heights from 1.2 to 1.6 m, spine transfer, several hip transfers with various angles, bump, 7-meter curved rail, 4-meter curved edge with pipe, 4 meter straight rail.

The facility also incorporate pyramid, with height of 1.2 m, consisting of "A-frame" transfer and rail, 2 transfers with sloped, straight edges + rail, balance, big jump, Bump transfer, pyramid, with height of 1,5 m with curved edge. The circle consists of several sets of stairs (2 pcs., 3 pcs., 5 pcs.), sloped edges, rails, "euro gap" and virages.

Apart from the construction of the sports area, reconstruction of the surrounding lanes, public works for green areas and supply of park furnishing will be performed.

By the implementation of the project, care will be taken for 2,571 m2 green areas, including the planting of 20 pcs. broad leaved trees and 20 pcs. of coniferous trees.

The lanes around the facility are with width of approximately 3 meters and on some locations, sites with size of 160 m2 are formed which will be appropriate for practicing of roller sports. The area of the lane network, that is provided for reconstruction is 1,947 m2.

The space is designed in such a way that to provide opportunities for quick development of beginners and nice time during the ride of more advanced skaters rollers.

The park will be an appropriate location for the organization of regional and international competitions. It is constructed within the project "Integrated project for renovation of significant spaces in town of Burgas", contract No. BG161PO001/1.4-09/2012/019, funded by OP "Regional development" 2007 - 2013. Contractor for the project is "Trace Burgas" JSC.