Sports and Recreation Facilities

Reconstruction of the bridge in Ahtopol

Budget: 627 000 BGN
Start date: 02 Oct 2014
End date: 07 Oct 2015
Employer: Tsarevo Municipality

Project "Reconstruction and modernization of the port in the town of Ahtopol", Measure 2.3 of the Strategy for development of "Local initiative fishing group Primorsko – Sozopol – Tsarevo".

The project construction work provide complete repairs of the construction of the bridge. In order to improve its appearance, the installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements with "Г" shape is provided and the laying of new pavement, made of monolithic, relief concrete as a connection between them and in order to restore the normal walking surface. In order to assist the fishermen, two walkways are provided along the whole length of the pier. They will be made of steel profiles and steel metal grids, not containing water, and being good and simple solution for wet weather. The walkways will be installed at level 70-80 cm above sea level, in order to facilitate loads manipulation and to make boarding and unboarding easier.

Along the entire length of the pier, on both sides, water and sewage and electrical installations will be constructed and there are going to be installed columns, supplied with water, electricity and measuring devices which will allow the future staying and servicing of yachts. The existing pathway for the cruise small ships and boats will be maintained and a new one, with stairs, to the contour pathways will be constructed.

The installation of hidden LED stripes lighting is provided. For the tourists, in the wider part of the bridge, there are going to be benches and rubbish bins, and in its start, at the connection point with the seaside street, there going to be bicycle stands. The design is prepared by arch. Todor Todorov from ZOOM Studio.