Highways, roads and streets

Engineering of four overpasses, including "Trapezitsa" roundabout

The project is funded by: Operational Programme Regional Development 2007 – 2013 and Burgas Municipality budget
Budget: 3 639 982,36 BGN
Start date: 15 Oct 2015
End date: 31 Mar 2016
Employer: Burgas Municipality
Contractor: Company under the Obligations and Contracts “Trapezitsa”

A brief description of the Project:

1.1. Design and reconstruction of an existing junction "Trapezitza" with new organization of the traffic;

1.2. Design and construction of two pedestrian overpasses - Related pedestrian overpasses providing intersection at "Todor Alexandrov" Blvd.;

1.3. Design and construction of pedestrian overpasses near the roundabout at "Stefan Stambolov" Blvd. and "Nikola Petkov" Blvd.

The main purpose of the reconstruction of the existing junction "Trapezitsa" and construction of the new roundabout is to improve the transport and operational quality and to create conflict-free crossing of the main traffic flows in the city.