Public and Residential Buildings

Reconstruction of bus station "South" – Burgas

The project is funded by: OP "Regional Development" 2007 - 2013
Budget: 6 858 490 BGN
Start date: 05 Oct 2014
End date: 15 Nov 2015
Employer: Burgas Municipality

"Reconstruction of Bus station "South" and adjoining territory", part of the project of integrated city transport of Burgas

The reconstruction of the bus station includes the construction of new building for the terminal, provision of approaches and stops for incoming and outgoing buses, urbanization of the surrounding area and provision of accessible environment for disabled individuals. The building of the terminal includes premises with various functionality, complying with the new requirements for quality transport service: waiting room, equipped with appropriate number of seats, offices and devices for purchasing of electronic tickets and cards, real time information boards, kiosk and cafe, premises for drivers and controllers. The main accent is the provision of accessible environment for individuals with handicapped mobility.

Contractor for the project is "Trace Group Hold" PLC through its subsidiary "Trace Burgas" JSC.  The project is prepared by "Design organization" EAD-Burgas, selected after public discussion.